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About Nursery

Sri Satyanarayana Nursery Gardens is one of the land mark of entire nurseries today in Kadiyam region in Andhra Pradesh. Sri Palla Narayya father of Sri Palla Venkanna established Sri Satyanarayana Nursery Gardens in the year 1953 in 50cents of Land. Although Sri Palla Venkanna was physically disabled he developed the nursery to National and International level. Sri Palla Venkanna extended the nursery in many acres of land situated very near to NH-5 road in Kadiyapulanka.

Sri Satyanarayana Nursery Gardens is a popular and very famous nursery among all the nurseries in Andhra Pradesh. We propagate the plants and grown to usable size. We are specialized in Ornamental, Decorative, Indoor-Outdoor, Avenue, Fruits and Palms varieties in different sizes. We sell the plants in wholesale and retail for general public, to business to other nurseries, to commercial gardens and also for needs of private estates and institutions. Our business is mainly done through e-mails, phones,faxes and directly by personal meetings.

We take so many precautions and take special care for the growing of plants. Each and every plant should be under our supervision and we are the only one for maintaining good health and good quality of plants by performing better ways to grow the plants. We take so much of extra care while we transport the plants throughout the country. Very special care should be taken for transportation, which includes proper packing of each plant and careful loading of the plants and special environment should also be provided during the transportation of plants by trucks to different corners of the country.

Till now Approx.128 cinemas have been filmed in our nursery like Telugu,Tamil,Hindi and Oriya took place for free of charge, because to spread the message the importance of greenery. Every producer had a sentiment that if their film pictured in this nursery will definitely be a big hit.

Most familiar Politicians, Government officials, Foreign Diplomats and other people visited our nursery and enjoyed every minute by seeing our nursery activities and scenery. Importantly many professors and scientists visit here for their research. National and International students visit for botanical tours and case studies and gains lot of knowledge on plants and their varieties.

We also exported the plants to abroad and we are proud to say that our nursery is the first nursery in India to export plants to other foreign countries in large scale.

Our main aim is to spread the greenery across the nation by growing and supplying wide variety of plants.We want every one to spread greenery by planting vast number of plants to eradicate pollution to save the world from “Global Warming”.

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